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Guys and Dolls

by DollsBased on a Story and Characters of Damon Runyon
October 19, 20, 1992


Directed by B. Michael Quale                       Choreographed by Jack Dyville


 The musical highlights the world of Broadway in New York City that grew out of the Prohibition era. Many are trying to make a quick dollar by gambling.  Gambler Nathan Detroit is under pressure to organize and unlicensed crap game while trying to avoid the police.              

Nathan's life is further conplicated because his long time girlfriend wants to end her 14 year engagement  and get married.  She is upset with Nathan when she discovers Nathan is still gambling and even though she decides she won't marry him, she still believes they are meant for each other. 

Nathan meets another long time gambler Sky Masterson.  Needing a quick $1000, Nathan proposes a $1000 bet with Sky that he must take a girl of Nathan's Choosing to dinner in Havana.  Nathan chooses a woman that runs the local mission and  is trying to save sinners.  Sky cajoles  Sister Sarah into believing he wants to change.  Sarah consents to have dinner with Sky when he promises her a full house of sinners at her next mission meeting. 

While in Havanna, Sarah learns there is a world she is not familiar with.  Sky realizes he is fallingfor Sarah and admits he brought her to Havana on a bet.  Upon returning to Broadway, both Sarah and Miss Adelaide are trying to decide how they should deal with the men they love and yet not condone their gambling habits.  As the 'sinners' attend the mission meeting, Sarah learns that Sky denied winning the bet (even though she knew he did) and Sarah realizes she can trust Sky.  The story ends in a double wedding for Nathan, Miss Adelaide, Sky and Sarah.

The Cast

Texans's Wife Kathy Wood
Pick Pocket Judy Billihus
Con-Artist Barb Kalloch
B.B. Bates B. Michael Quale
Nicely-Nicely Johnson Joe Mendro, Jr.
Benny Southstreet Paul Brossart
Angie the Ox Dwight Wigness
Sarah Brown Renae Rike-Nehring
Arvide Abernathy Joe Mendro, Sr.
Corporal Calvin Ken Hansen
Agatha Mary Kay Evanson
Sister Priscilla Mary Jo Harstad
Harry the Horse Mike Daniels
Lt. Brannigan Ron Anderson
Nathan Detroit Jack Dyville
Miss Adelaide Renee Rogness
Sky Masterson Phil Jore
Joey Biltmore Jim Ryen
Mimi Vicki Finders
General Cartwright Laurie Flexhaug
Big Jule Larry Sneider
Drunk John Grimmer
Waiter/MC Steve Ziegler
Hot Box Dancers Vicki Finders, Oral Johnson, Sarah Jane Johnson, Jeannine Cote
Havana Show Girl Sokhar Brossart
Special Dance Roles The Dance FActors, Company A:  London Anseth, Dana Arndt, Angela Huwe, Julie Wick, Sundae Bean, Heather Bintliff, Shannon Schlothauer

The Staff

Director B. Michael Quale
Assistant to the Director Lynn Mendro
Choreographer Jack Dyville
Musical Staging Jack Dyville, B. Michael Quale
Accompanist Marilyn Ackerson
Synthesizer David Adams
Bass Guitar Steve Ziegler
Set Design B. Michael Quale
Costume Design B. Michael Quale, Oral Johnson
Costume Construction     Joanne Whittle, B. Michael Quale, Juliea Holwegner
Costume Crew Oral Johnson, Vicki Finders
Set Construction              Joe Mendro, Sr., Larry Sneider, B. Micahel Quale, Joe Mendro, Jr.
Sewer Back Drop Larry Sneider
Scenic Painting Mary Jo Harstad, B. Michael Quale
Props Jim Ryen
Stage Crew Todd Bertsch
Lighting Technician Matthew Klemisch
Spotlight Technician Melissa Peterson
Sound Technician Lynn Mendro
Make-up Judy Billehus
Box Office Joan Mendro, Jeanette Price


Our Sincere Thanks....

G. Joan Bekkedahl, Roy Trogstad, Hedderich Art and Trade Center, B. Michael Quale, Marijean Dodd, Bill Shmorry, Benai Pederson, Sherri Breckey, Flora-Sphere, Williston Jr. High and Dan Anderson, Chief Don Wentz and the Williston Police Dept., Minot Daily News, KEYZ Country, Williams County Higway Dept., Susan Ashton, Jolene Hovda