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by Aurthur Laurents Music by Jule Styne Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
October 5, 6, 7, 8, 2000

Directed by Jack Dyville

Gypsy is loosely based on the famous stripetease artist Gypsy Rose Lee.  The character of June is based on Lee's sister, the actress June Havoc.  The story focuses on their mother, Rose, whose name has become synonymous with "the ultimate show business mother." It follows the dreams and efforts of Rose to raise two daughters to perform onstage, first in vaudeville and later burlesque.  The story casts an affectionate eye on the hardships ofshow business life.

The musical contains many songs that became popular standards, including "Small World," "Everything's Coming Up Roses", "You'll Never Get Away from Me," and "Let Me Entertain You."

The Cast

Mama Rose Ann Newhouse
Herbie Mike Daniels
Louise (Gypsy Rose Lee) Susan Sinclair
June (June Havoc) Sarah Christianson
Baby June Brooke Blotsky
Baby Louise Serena Christianson
Tulsa Matt Olson
Yonkers Casey Paradies
Dakota John Breslin
Tessie Tura Kate Olson
Miss Mazeppa Liz Seven
Miss Electra Jennifer Lutes
Miss Cratchitt Vanessa Palmer
Renee, The Maid Stephanie Richter
the Waitress Elizabeth Glavotsky
Uncle Jocko Allen Domagala
The Diamond Revue Singer B. Michael Quale
Balloon Girl Melissa Edeloff
Balloon Girl's Sister Melody Edenloff
Chowsie Prince Maximillian George -Brady
Mr. Kreingelein James Ryen
Pop Joe Mendro, Sr.
Mr. Gold Stone Doug Hoffman
Cigar James Ryen
Stage Hand Doug Hoffman
Mr. Weber Mark Fink
Georgie Casey Paradies
Pastey John Breslin
Phil Doug Hoffman
Card Girl Lindsey Gira
Caroline, The Cow Susan Sinclair, Elizabeth Glavotsksy
The Hollywood Blonds
Agness Tina Domagala
Marjorie mae Stephanie Richter
Thelma Elizabeth Glovatsky
Edna Megan Lindsey
The Diamond Review Dancers Elizabeth Glavotsky, Megan Lindsey, Vanessa Palmer, Stephanie Richter, Tina Domagala, John Breslin, Casey Paradies
Uncle Jocko's Stage Hands Maro Lindsley, Bob Erickson
The News Boys Sam Wentz, Nate Kleyer, Doug Richter, Megan Lindsey, Tina Domagala
Farmboys Matt Olson, Casey Paradies, John Breslin, Stephanie Richter, Megan Lindsey, Tina Domagala
Stage Mothers Elizabeth Glovatsky, Vanessa Palmer, Kate Olson, LeAnn Esterby, Tina Domagala
The Children's Acts
"Tappin Twosome" Lindy Bjella, Tarren Jundt
"The Ballerina Babes" Paige Lambert, Kaitlyn Esterby
"Clarence & His Clarinet" David Esterby

Production Staff

Director Jack Dyville
Technical Director B. Michael Quale
Musical Director Marilyn Ackerson
Costumers Leann Esterby, B. Michael Quale
Assistant to Choreographer Matt Olson, Casey Paradies
Dance Captain to Newsboys Serena Christianson
Bass Player Vanessa Palmer
Drums Matt Olson
Lights Jack Dyvylle
Spot Operator Joe Eymann
Backstage Crew Allen Domagala, Mark Fink, Bob Erickson, Maro Lindsley
Paint Crew Mary Chartier, Anna Hoffman, Bobbie Gludt, Matt Olson, B. Michael Quale, James ryen, Liz Seven
Set Construction Ellen & William Bambrick, Todd Bertsch, Doug Hoffman, B. Michael Quale