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Arsenic and Old Lace

by Joseph Kesselring
October 5,6,7,8 1995

Directed by Larry Sneider

Watch two charming, innocent old ladies populate their cellar with the remains of socially and religiously acceptable men.  Their brother helps in the antics while thinking he's Teddy Roosevelt,  It's elderberry wine time and a ready made comedy you are sure to enjoy.

The Cast

Abby Brewster Laurie Flexhaug
Rev. Dr. Harper Alan Domagala
Teddy Brewster Arch Elwein
Officer Brophy Doug Hoffman
Officer Klein LeRoy Schmitz
Marth Brewster Vicki Schelrup
Elaine Harper Susan Snyder
Mortimer Brewster Gary Mizeur
Mr. Gibbs Joe Mendro, Sr.
Jonathan Brewster Denny Johnson
Dr. Einstein Jim Ryen
Officer oHara David Adams
Lieutenant Rooney                   Paul O'Conner                        
Mr. Witherspoon Calvin Miller

Production Staff

Director Larry Sneider
Assistant Director Sara Braun
Sound Technician Larry Sneider
Light Technician Vicki Finders
Set Decorator                B. Michael Quale
Costumes                           B. Michael Quale
Set Construction Laurie Flexhaug, Alan Domagala, Arch Elwein, Susan Snyder, Gary Mizeur, Joe  Mendro, Jim Ryen, David Adams, Sara Braun, Lillia Gajewski, Robyn Flexhaug, Andrew Flexhaug, B. Michael Quale, Mary Jo Harstad, Vicki Finders


The Shopper, KUMV-TV, KXMD-TV, KEYZ/LAZER 96, The Williston Herald, Youth Education on Stage, Red Cross, Jim Ryen, Oldies 96