About Entertainment Inc!

Music in My Life

May 9, 1982

Directed by Sandi Blikre

This program featured a number of choral groups and soloists featuring local talent and singing a variety of show tunes. It included a special Mother's Day presentation by Entertainment Inc.

Performing Members of Entertainment, Inc!


Janet Valvik

Mary Alice Oyloe Judy Baxter
     Jean Laqua     Lynn Rockstad     Marlo Howard
Irene Schneider Cheryl M. Sapp Marti Steele
Madonna Ennis Bernadene Gortler Norma Oyen
Rose Randall Caroline Hohnson DeeAnn Lund
Mary Jo Lemer Mary Kay Evanson
Lucille Hennessy Kathy Bartz


Dorothy Olson Vicky Berger Eleanor R. Bjelkevig
Linda Maisey Sharon Tininenko Julie Larson
Jeannine Cote Linda Clemes Shirley Stromme
Becky Martin Sharon Ann Hoglund Barb Langerud
Jan Thue


Del Laqua Darryl Cote Joe Mendro
Cathy Howe Schmitz Gary D. Bickel David Binde
Duane Severtsen Art Hovde


Raymond Aydt Dexter M. Tank Howard Young
Dennis Stromme Jerol Johnson

Woody Sveen


Drums Jim Lingenfelter
Xylophone Jean Laqua
Trumpet Trio Jerry Shae, Eric Rabon, Miles McEvers
Bass Guitar Rich Larson
Kazoos Linda Clemes, Mary Kay Evanson, Linda Maisey


Audio Engineer Don Lesmeister
Choreographer Janet Vaelvik