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by Roger O. Hirson Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
February 8,9,10,15,16 1991

Director/Choreographer-Jack Dyville

Musical Accompaniment- Lawrence Wankel            Choral Direction -Renae Rike-Nehring

The director states "I have been intrigued with this show since i first saw it on Broadway in 1972....mainly because of the dynamic and unique staging by Bob Fosse."  The story is of a young man searching for happines just like any young person has since time began and just like any young person will do from here to eternity. 

This play is set in 1968 in which a traveling troupe of players is presenting the miraculous tale of Pippin which is set in the year 780 AD in the Not-So-Holy Roman Empire (or thereabouts).

The Cast

Leading Player B. Michael Quale
Pippin Terry Gaudraeau
King Charlemagne Dwight Wigness
Lewis Tim Nehring
Fastrada                           Lori Lingenfelter
Berthe Lynn Mendro
Catherine Renae Rike-Nehring
Theo Casey Paradies
Field Marshall/Monk Ted Lindseth
Beggar/Monk David Adams
Courtesian/Monk Oral Johnson
Peasant/Monk Vicki Finders
Dancers London Anseth, Sundae Bean, Heather Vintlif, Crystal Haug, Holly Hornstein, Angela  Huwe, Sarah Rudolph


The Staff

Director- Choreographer Jack Dyville
Musical Accomopaniment Lawrence Wankel
Choral Director Renae Rike-Nehring
Dirrector Assistant/Stage Manager Mary Jo Harstad
Scenic Design George Meisel, Joe Mendro, Jr.
Scenic Construction George Meisel, Joe Mendro, Jr., Jim Ryen, Joseph Mendro, Sr.
Costumer B. Michael Quale
Costume Assistants Carol Derry, Sharon Hoglund, Oral Johnson
Costume Crew Julie Rankin, Lynn Mendro, Mary Jo Harstad
Sound Technician Joe Mendro, Jr.
Lighting Design Jack Dyville, Joe Mendro, Jr.
Lighting Operator Jack Dyville
Prop Mater Jim Ryen
Armor Construction Jim Ryen, Mary Jo Harstad, Barb Torstenson, Roger Schmid, Ted Lindseth, Sharon Hoglund
Stage Crew Joe Mendro, Sr., Mary Kay Evanson, Sharon Hoglund, Jim Ryen
Paint Crew George Meisel, Mary Jo Harstad, WHS Art Club
Make-up Bobbie Mendro, Sarah Haugen
Public Relations Lynn Mendro
Program Jack Dyville
House Manager Sarah Jane Johnson
Box Office Kpam <emdrp. Keamette {roce
Rehearsal Pianist Marilyn  Ackerson
Video Taping Earl Westereng
Magic Consultant Bob Carmichael
Concessions Parents of Youth Education on Stage

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