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War of the Worlds

by Orson Wells
May 4, 5, 1991

Directed by James Ryen and Donald Jose

What caused the panic?  Announcements were made stating the broadcast was a play, not a live news report.  The first was at the beginning of the show, one before the station break, another after the break, and one at the end of the show.  Plus the following was made by the network at 10:30, 11:30 and 12 midnight: "For those listeners who tuned in to Orson Wells' Mercury Theatre on the Air broadcast from 8:00 to 9:00 pm eastern standard time tonight and did not realize the program was merely a mondernized adaptation of H.G. Wells famous novel War of the Worlds, we are repeating the fact which was made clear four times on the program, that, while the names of some American cities were used, as in all novels, the intire story and all of its incidents were fictitious."  If you had bee listening in 1938, would you have believed the Martians had landed.

The Cast

Announcer One, Policeman, Observer, Operator One


Announcer Two, Officer, Operator Two Allen Domagala
Announcer Three, Mr. Wilmuth, Brigadier General Smith, SEcretary of Interior, Gunner, Operator Three Leroy Moore
Carl Phillips, Harry McDonald, Commander, Operator Four, Stranger James Ryen
Professor Pierson, Captain Lansing, Operator Five Earle Dodd


The Staff

Directors Donald Jose, Jim Ryen
Sound Joe Mendro, Jr., David Binde
Lighting Donald Jose, Joe Mendro, Jr.
Public Relations/Program Lynn Mendro
Box Office Joan Mendro, Jeannette Price
Script Procurement Inc! Board of Directors

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