About Entertainment Inc!

The Miracle of Christmas

by Directed by Mary Kay Evanson and Sue Storbakken

Directed by Mary Kay Evanson and Sue Storbakken

Music Director- Lynn McCoy

Entertainment, Inc! present the another Christmas concert with a number of soloists and chorus singing familiar Christmas tunes to bring in the Christmas season.

The Company

Soprano Alto
Sue Storbakken Sharon Hoglund
Mary Kay Evanson Laurie Flexhaug
Renae-Rike Nehring Alecia MacMaster
Carol Olson Marilyn Tveter
Oral Johnson Lori Kirby
Jeannine Cote Edith Fjelstad
Dorothy Stockman Sarah Haugen
Norma Oyen Carol Schulz
Mary Ellen Olson Sarah Jane Johnson
Mary Jo Harstad
Lynn Mendro
Tenor Bass/Baritone
David Binde Joe Mendro, Jr.
Terry Gaudreau Dwight Wigness
Ken Hanson

Joe Mendro, Sr.

Dennis Stromme
Bells of Faith
Pat Unkenholtz Barb Heupel
Sarah Jane Johnson Barb Underhill
Matthew Monroe Ann DeLorme
Amy Heupel Cory Nutz

Show Staff

Directors Mary Kay Evanson, Sue Storbakken
Music Director Lynn McCoy
Accompanist Marlene Sebo
Flute Linda Nutz, Cheryl Knurson
Narrator B. Michael Quale
House Manager Cathy Stromme
Stage Manager Earl Westereng
Light Technician George Meisel
Sound TEchnician Mark Brannigan
Set Design/Construction Jo Mendro Jr., George Meisel, Joe Mendro, Sr.
Box Office Joan Mendro, Jeanette Price
Programs/Publicity Lynn Mendro
Costumes B. Michael Quale
Santa Claus As Himself
Video Taping Jerry Rogness


Our Sincere Thanks To

B. Michael Quale      KUMV-TV     Williston Daily Herald      KXMD-TV

 Tom Kvamme     KEYZ-KYYZ     Conlins Furniture     KDSR     Metropolitan Federal Bank

The Bell Choir of Faith United Methodist Church